Donation Making Criteria

  • Does the proposal show strong evidence of partnership or collaboration with other organisations or entities?
  • Will the initiative address a significant gap in service provision?
  • Will the initiative reduce health inequalities for those at most risk of experiencing poor health outcomes?
  • Does the initiative support health literacy, health promotion or early intervention?
  • Does the proposal clearly articulate and quantify the problem or challenge that the project or programme aims to address?
  • Is the proposed initiative evidence based?
  • Does the proposal include details of how outcomes will be measured and evaluated?
  • Is the applicant a registered not for profit entity?
  • Does the proposed initiative represent value for money and have a budget that is appropriate?
  • Does the proposed initiative duplicate existing services in Hawke’s Bay?
  • Does the proposal indicate how the programme intends to be sustainable once the donation term has ended?

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