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Funding projects and programmes for a healthy Hawke’s Bay

Our vision is for a healthier Hawke’s Bay, for everyone who lives here. To achieve this, we direct funding to a range of unique and dynamic health initiatives that we believe will help to lift the standard of health in our region. We do this by partnering with local organisations to fund projects across a range of areas including prevention programmes, treatment services, health facilities, research and education for our communities, as well as learning and development for our health practitioners

Donation Criteria

Any organisation that considers that it meets the general donation criteria is encouraged to submit an application for funding. Who and what we fund is based on a donation evaluation framework that has been developed for the trust to ensure that there is alignment with the trust’s objectives as well as rigour and consistency in decision making

Small grants
(up to $25,000)

Each year, the trust will hold one funding round to respond to smaller funding applications of up to $25,000.  Applications open in March with funding decisions notified by the end of May

Large grants and partnership funding
(over $25,000)

Organisations seeking funding of over $25,000 (whether in one single sum or over multiple years) can apply at any time throughout the year by submitting an initial summary of the proposed initiative in writing via email

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